Healthcare Systems

More info - This is test content - Based in the Persian Gulf region, the Customer is a healthcare and clinical research center, bringing technology-driven care delivery, biomedical research and medical education together.

The organization provides its patients with inpatient and ambulatory services, including pediatrics, radiology, psychiatry, pathology, obstetrics and gynecology. The Customer is also dedicated to thorough automation in management, care and patient engagement via online patient portals, HIE, CDSS systems, AR technology and more.


The Customer needed a healthcare CRM to focus on improving patient interaction, experience and satisfaction by tracking appointments and any communication with patients. Moreover, the healthcare organization wanted to gather patient feedback via customizable surveys and thus ensure high-quality care delivery through the entire care continuum.


First, ScienceSoft’s team of healthcare CRM and SharePoint consultants ensured sleek integration with the Customer’s EHR and PMS, so that new patient, appointment or staff entries would automatically appear in the CRM system.

A patient entry includes information additional to the EHR record, such as contact preferences, surveys, appointments, feedback, language and activities (e.g. calls, home visits, etc.) that can be scheduled by the organization’s specialists.