Armstrong-Smith Consulting is the expert when it comes to data warehouses and business intelligence initiatives built around the Oracle Standard Edition (Oracle Discoverer, Oracle Warehouse Builder, and Oracle Portal) suite of tools.

We have extensive knowledge of E-Business Suite and data warehousing in general, with particular expertise at building embedded data warehouses. Until quite recently, adding additional processing to the E-Business Suite database had a negative impact on performance. This is because most of the servers that we saw in production were sized to only handle only production E-Business Suite traffic. Anything else would bring the system to its knees, especially running a reporting system.

What changed? Over the last few years we noticed a significant reduction in hardware prices and an even more significant reduction in the cost of memory. Companies are no longer scrimping on servers and memory, and E-Business Suite is being run on much more powerful machines than ever before. Additional memory modules for even the most advanced of servers are now only hundreds of dollars as opposed to a couple of thousand dollars only a few years ago.

Here are some of the advantages for using an embedded data warehouse against E-Business Suite:

  1. It is optimized for reporting It contains historical data
  2. It does not impact E-Business Suite
  3. It has meaningful table names
  4. There is no need for additional hardware
  5. There is no need for a second database license
  6. If need be, your reporting tool can directly access the E-Business Suite tables
  7. You can use the E-Business Suite concurrent manager to run your jobs

We hope the above list encourages you to at least consider using an embedded data warehouse. We have successfully created several of those over the past few years and know for certainty that our customers approve.

The following are the applications that we have personally created embedded data warehouses for so know for sure that they lend themselves well to embedded data warehousing

  • Advanced Pricing Benefits
  • HR and Payroll Inventory
  • Order Entry
  • Purchasing
  • Work in Progress